Keeping the Terms Updated

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Terms and conditions of use are not often highlighted but vitally important to ensure everyone is getting the best out of a service. As well as continually updating our solutions, we are also continually reviewing our terms to make sure that they always reflect the best interests of both our customers and Cantemo. 

In the same way that it is important that iconik is easy to use without in-depth technical knowledge, terms should also be easy to understand without in-depth legal knowledge. Some customers did express confusion around some of the terms and definitions so we have made those clearer. If anyone still finds anything confusing or misleading, please let us know as we really do listen.

You can find the new terms here, but here is a quick roundup of what has changed:

1. General clarifications

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This is about adding better clarifications and definitions so that you can fully understand the terms. We have added clarifications and/or definitions around:

2. Ownership and Use

One of the greatest things about iconik is that it enables global collaboration. We have found that many of our customers use it to not only collaborate within the company, but also with other users in the group of companies they belong to. Therefore, we have given users wider rights to allow other users within those group companies to use iconik without Cantemo’s approval. We believe this will make this process much easier.

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The GDPR regulations that came in recently caused widespread panic and confusion for many. Now that the dust has settled, most companies are much more aware about the need to be responsible for the data they own and keeping it in line with those new laws. So, with these terms, we felt it would be sensible to remind users that they own all IPRs within what’s referred to as “Customer Information” in the agreement, i.e. data owned and uploaded by the user, and remain responsible for that content and adherence to appropriate laws.

3. Confidential information

An important part of our philosophy is that customers should not be locked into our solutions. That’s why we provide straight-forward tools to access and migrate all content and metadata should the customer choose to stop using iconik. In the latest version we have defined a new term, “Customer Data Transmission Period”, which describes what applies if a customer decides to migrate from iconik, for example. 

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We love our customers and are proud of working with so many different types of companies, using our tools for vastly different types of content. We would love to share this so we added a term whereby the customer grants Cantemo permission to use its logo and name on its website and in marketing collateral. Of course, we understand that sometimes that is simply not possible, so if a customer doesn’t want Cantemo to use its logo in this way, they can contact us.

Ultimately, we think our new and improved Terms of Service are easier to understand and we also think they provide a much better balance, making sure that both parties get something positive from the terms.