Pay-As-You-Go with Fair Billing.

Monthly costs are calculated by the number of active users and actual usage, but here are some examples to help show how that could look.

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Pricing Estimates

Small Team

5 Active Users

/ month
  • 1 Power User
  • 2 Standard Users
  • 2 Browse-only Users

250GB Proxy data from 250 hours of Hi-Res video stored elsewhere

Medium Team

25 Active Users

/ month
  • 2 Power Users
  • 8 Standard Users
  • 15 Browse-only Users

1TB Proxy data from 1000 hours of Hi-Res video stored elsewhere

Large Team

50 Active Users

/ month
  • 3 Power Users
  • 22 Standard Users
  • 25 Browse-only Users

5TB Proxy data from 5000 hours of Hi-Res video stored elsewhere

Calculate Your Plan

*Actual costs come from active users and usage of consumables such as cloud storage capacity, outbound traffic (egress),video AI analytics, and image AI analytics. Each user account is linked to a single individual.

No Minimums

No large investments are required to start with iconik. Pay only for what you need, when you need it. Start small and scale up when you are ready.

No Commitments

Expand or reduce your iconik resources to fit your needs from month to month. You’ll never pay for unused storage or inactive users.

Bring Your Own Storage and AI.

Bring any of your existing cloud storage buckets or AI licenses into iconik, or use what’s provided.

Here's what you get


Your media needs will fluctuate. In iconik, pricing is based on your actual usage, so you will never pay for more than you need.

Pay as You Go

Pay monthly, or buy credits in advance for a bonus. iconik’s easy-to-understand usage reports allow admins to monitor and forecast needs.

Fair Billing

Only pay for “active users”, those who have accessed iconik during the month. If only 15 of your 50 users use iconik, then you only pay for those 15.


The iconik media management platform is extremely elastic. It allows you to expand or contract the size of your iconik resources.

  • "iconik has allowed our distributed team of 100+ creatives to collaborate in ways that no other solution allows. Whenever we finish a shoot at any of our 7 studios it immediately appears in iconik for the whole team to find, whether they are working from home, the office, or out in the field shooting. It's a game changer!"

    Ray Tarara

    Producer, Google

  • "One of the most appealing things about iconik is that it's a one-stop shop for post-production. We've been able to streamline our workflow significantly by combining asset management with the sharing, collaboration, and transcription tools inside iconik."

    Ben Meadors

    Post-Production Technology, Spotify

  • "iconik suites the digital media revolution better than any other media management product I've seen. "

    Jack Skinner

    Product Manager, Media Technology, VICE Media

  • Jermaine Harell Picture "iconik has let us work remotely when we didn't have a choice. It's definately going to change the way we work."

    Jermaine Harell

    Media Infrastructure and Technology Manager,
    Complex Networks

  • "iconik has made it so easy to share media with external users. Everyone has access to what they need and we have more time for generating new content."

    Guillaume Jouhet

    CEO, Orange Cinéma Séries (OCS)

  • "iconik has allowed our distributed team of 100+ creatives collaborate in ways that no other solution allows. "

    Loren Goldfarb

    COO, Everwell

  • "iconik allows us to avoid constant re-assessment of internal hardware solutions and processes. This frees up capital that can then be focused on creative work and content distribution."

    Kevin Gibbons

    CFO, Little Dot Studios

  • "iconik has made our search and share tasks much more efficient, making it possible to find specific clips and share these globally within a matter of minutes."

    David Vandenplas, Media Director

    CISM, International Military Sports Council