New Asset Relations in iconik

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When teams create together, you want to do whatever you can to keep the collaboration timely and efficient. This iconik update includes a lot of new features that will enhance and speed up your media management tasks.

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Asset Relations

In order to empower entire organizations to have the greatest ROI on their media, iconik presents media in a complete and holistic way. Now, iconik has a new way to show this through asset relations. Assets can be related in a few different ways:

  1. Duplicate: Shows that an asset is a duplicate of another asset.
  2. Parent/Child: A relationship where one asset is the parent to another asset.
  3. Product of/Source for: A relationship where one asset has been produced by using another asset.
  4. Promo of/Promo for: A relationship where one asset is considered a promo for another asset.
  5. Sibling: A sibling relationship between two or more assets.
  6. Used In/Use: Where one asset uses another - such as a video asset being used in an NLE project.
  7. Component Of/Components: Where one asset is used as part of another asset.
  8. Custom Types: It is possible for administrators to create custom relationship types.

Did you get that? You can define custom relations in iconik. 😄

Once iconik users see the relationships around their content, it will allow them to see all related assets at once and navigate between them much faster.

iconik asset relations

New bulk actions

Bulk actions have always served to save time. Now there are more ways to work fast.

iconik bulk actions

This leads us to the next new feature…

Bulk Add/Remove Metadata Tags

This allows users to edit metadata for multiple assets by adding, removing, updating tags without overwriting the existing tags.

iconik bulk append metadata

Tag Auto-complete

Now when you add metadata tags, existing tags will be presented to auto-complete your entry.

Project Management Tab for Premiere Pro Panel

The iconik panel in Adobe Premiere Pro supports storing the project file in iconik. This can help when sharing a project between different users, or for archiving the project file itself. Now, the panel has a Project tab. This tab has functionality for management of the project, sequences and the files used in a project.

Premiere Pro Project Management Panel

Some other features that have been added are:

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There are more details about this update on our release notes page.